Customer experiences

Customer experiences

Experiences of  traditional yoga from our customers


Dunja, 30

As a student, I spend most of my time sitting and, usually, in a very bad position. Last year I experienced a very bad back injury which prevents me from doing heavy physical activities and it is also worsened by the long sitting hours. This came as a big shock to me, because I am usually very active and I have practiced gym and different group trainings for years. Unfortunately, due to this injury, I was restricted to practice sports that include jumping or any additional pressure on the spine. Therefore, yoga seemed as the best choice at the time since I have tried hot Bikram yoga before.

It was at that moment that I came across the advertisement for Shakta’s yoga classes, led by Otto and Miska. After attending just three sessions, the results were already showing! My flexibility and posture improved, but, even more, I was amazed how my concentration and energy levels rose. Whether one is experiencing a physical difficulty or just wants to strengthen the body, I would definitely recommend anyone to try Shakta’s classes because it is simple, effective and it will brake any prejudice you have about yoga. Moreover, I appreciate the uniqueness and experience that Otto and Miska bring to the class. Even though it is a group session, they really do their best to give you an advice (if needed) and make each participant feel welcome.


Julien Mineraud, 31

Even though I would consider myself a sporty person,  I never thought yoga would be my thing. I come from a world that thinks yoga is a thing for hippies and new age stuff lovers. However, when I arrived to Helsinki a couple of years ago, I had the chance to meet Shakta’s yoga teachers. They convinced me to have a go at it. So I went and it changed everything.

Traditional yoga has not become my new sporty hobby (I have others), but rather my way of relaxing, getting peace of mind, learning some useful Finnish and getting time for myself.

After each jooga session,  I feel like after a good sleep. No need to compete. No need to think. No need to be doing weird asanas like a pro yogi. Only be floppy and relaxed.