For first-timers

For first-timers

Do you offer classes in English?

At the moment we don’t offer yoga classes in English, but we give extra guidance for non-Finnish speaking participants of our classes. You can join any one of our classes, but be sure to come a little bit earlier, so we have time for a short introduction in English before the class.

How to start?

Shaktayoga doesn’t require any kind of previous experience. We encourage everyone to do yoga according to their own abilities and to maintain the enjoyment of the practice. As a first-timer you can sign-up for any one of our classes.

How do I benefit from yoga?

Traditional yoga teaches relaxation and removes stress. A stressless and balanced entirety of mind and body builds itself and solves all problems almost automatically. The experiences of our customers show that you can achieve benefits very rapidly.

What should I bring to the class?

Take with you comfortable clothes.  You can also bring with you a long sleeve shirt or a thin blanket. You won’t need any footwear and you can leave your shoes at the door when entering our premises.

Should I sign up for the classes?

Take a look at our weekly schedule and sign up for our class using our booking system. This way you can be sure to fit to the class. After you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which includes arrival instructions for those classes which are held on weekends or start before 8 AM or after 5 PM.

If you haven’t had the possibility to sign up and would still like to join the class, most probably there is space for one more person. Just give us a call when you’re on your way. This way we can ensure that there’s space for you and have the possibility to give you arrival instructions.

When should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive well in advance, but no more than half an hour before the class. About 15 minutes should be enough for you to change clothes, visit the toilet and choose your place in the hall. You should be ready when the yoga class starts on the announced time. You’ll find information on how to find your way to our premises from the confirmation message sent to your e-mail after signing up.

Will I need my own yoga mat?

It’s always recommendable to use your own yoga mat. This is the most hygienic solution, which also brings continuation to your practice. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can borrow or acquire one from our premises.

What else should I keep in mind before the yoga class?

It’s advicable to avoid heavy meals before yoga. This is not mandatory, but you will notice how the mind and the body cooperate more readily with an empty stomach. Also give yourself the freedom to be in peace during the class, as if you would be having a vacation from your everyday life. The world can wait for an hour and a half!

Is yoga suitable when pregnant?

Yes, yoga is suitable when pregnant. However, some asanas should be left out, especially after the first trimester. You can ask more about these from our yoga teachers. You should consider stopping yoga after the second trimester. In case you want to, it’s possible to do yoga until the end of pregnancy, but in this case all the asanas that are done while lying on your stomach as well as all the twists should be left out. After the second trimester you can do yoga simply by relaxing and enjoying. Your doctor always has the final word on issues regarding pregnancy.

I’m religious. Can I join the yoga class?

Yoga is not a religion. We welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds. There’s no more barriers to doing yoga than there is for riding a bicycle or going fishing.