Otto Kronqvist

Otto Kronqvist

Otto holds a master’s degree in social sciences from University of Helsinki. Long studies in philosophy and political history taught a lot, but didn’t completely quench his thirst for knowledge. Otto has always had an interest in the ancient philosophy of Europe and other continents, so he decided to continue his philosophy studies to Shri Kali Ashram, following the example of Miska and Juliana.

– In the guidance of Bhagavan I could widen my perspective in a way that was completely new to me. The human perceptions of the modern philosophers are often quite narrow, which has always bothered me. I was pretty stunned when an Indian master could tell me, which kind of historical traits have led to these perceptions.

One of the most common misconception is to get stuck in the mind-body division.

– It’s been amazing to realize through yoga how incorrect the conception actually is. This insight might sounds simple and it really is just that. But on the practical level it has had a revolutionary impact in my life.

Yoga is a tool for Otto, but also a source of great pleasure.

– It’s just so great to take a couple of hours off from the everyday life by doing yoga!