Advanced Forward-bending

Advanced Forward-bending

The advanced Forward-bending series takes the yogi to a whole new level. Usually we recommend some experience in yoga before starting with this series, but Forward-bending series is not dangerous even for a beginner. Some parts of the series might feel difficult for a beginner. Because we believe that yoga should be pleasurable to the practitioner, you don’t have to worry if this series doesn’t feel topical to you.

Also the Forward-bending becomes pleasurable very rapidly and it will change your yoga practice thoroughly. Many yogis think the purpose of this series is distinctly to open the lower limbs. In reality the deeper effects of the Forward-bending series are far more significant.  Forward-bending develops the pelvic and cardiac diaphragms, which have an important role in the practice and health of the yogi. After a few months your asana practice, pranayama and bandhas have changed completely!

Bring comfortable clothes and a yoga mat. In case you don’t have a yoga mat yet, you can borrow one from our premises. It’s advicable to avoid heavy meals before yoga. This is not mandatory, but you will notice how the mind and the body co-operate more readily with an empty stomach.

Also give yourself the freedom to be in peace during the class, as if you would be having a vacation from your everyday life.