Energizing Pranayama

Energizing Pranayama

Pranayama practice plays a key role in yoga practice. In western world the asana practice is the most popular and well known aspect of yoga, but throughout the ages Pranayama (sometimes known as breathing exercises) has often been regarded as the most important part of yoga practice. Just five minutes without breathing will give you a clear idea of how enormous part of your well-being is related to your breathing. Change your breath and rest will change.

We begin the Pranayama classes with asanas as a preparation for the exercise. During the classes you will learn the most important Pranayama practices that will be useful in your daily life. The Pranayama classes energize and balance system with breathing. Naturally flowing breath and prana is perhaps the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself!

Bring comfortable clothes and a yoga mat. In case you don’t have a yoga mat yet, you can borrow one from our premises. It’s advicable to avoid heavy meals before yoga. This is not mandatory, but you will notice how the mind and the body co-operate more readily with an empty stomach.

Also give yourself the freedom to be in peace during the class, as if you would be having a vacation from your everyday life.