Yoga classes

Yoga classes

At the moment we don’t offer yoga classes in English, but we give extra guidance for non-Finnish speaking participants of our classes. You can join any one of our classes, but be sure to come a little bit earlier, so we have time for a short introduction in English before the class.
Bring with you comfortable clothes and a yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat yet, you can borrow one from us. It’s advisable to avoid heavy meals before yoga. This is not mandatory, but you will notice the difference – with an empty stomach both your mind and body are more cooperative.

Balancing Tri-dosha

Tri-dosha Balancing Series is the core of our asana practice and the mother of all our yoga series. It suits everyone and restores the mind-body balance by gently going through your whole system. After the class you’ll feel healthy and full of vitality. We do the series in gentle and relaxed fashion. Gradually the series gives you excellent ergonomics of the body, makes your respiratory system work flawlessly together and removes stress from your whole system.


Ayurvedic walking massage

Ayurvedic walking massage is part of shakta yoga and an excellent way to prepare yourself for the yoga class. It is a wholesome treatment based on Indian medicine. It takes into account the structure of your body and gently goes through your whole system. Walking massage is a way to easen pain and stimulate your lymphatic system.

Walking massage is done pairwise in the guidance of trained teachers. In the massage you will press the main channels of the body softly, using your sole. You can bring a friend, but walking massage is far away from an intimate massages, so you can massage another yogi as well.

You receive a massage, but also learn a useful skill, which you can share with others.


Aligning Viyayama

Viyayama is a standing series that supports yoga practice along with the Tri-dosha Balancing Series. Viyayama especially improves your skeletal alignment, the posture and corrects your configuration. The series is an excellent way to warm up and it also improves your balance and strength. The Viyayama classes include a short Tri-dosha Balancing Series.


Flowing Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation activates our wholy body and also offers physical challenge. Surya Namaskara, Sun Salutation, has become a warming up sequence in modern yoga, but traditionally its meaning has been completely different. Sun is the condition for all life and Sun Salutation is like a summary of the deepest essence of yoga. In Sun Salutation you will go through your system in 12 cycles in the same way as the earth revolves the sun in 12 months. At the end of the class, we will do a shorter, relaxing and balancing yoga series.


Advanced Forward-bending

Forward-bending series takes the yogi to a whole new level. Usually we recommend some experience in yoga before starting with this series, but Forward-bending series is not dangerous even for a beginner.  In any case we believe that yoga should always be an enjoyment. Therefore you don’t have to worry if at first this series doesn’t feel timely for you.

Fortunately Forward-bending becomes a pleasure in short time and will change your yoga practice thoroughly. Some think the purpose of this series is merely to improve flexibility of the lower limbs, but in reality the deeper effects of the Forward-bending series are far more significant.  Forward-bending especially affects the diaphragms, which have a major role in your health and yoga practice. In just a few months your asana, pranayama and bandha practice will receive enormous benefits.


Energizing Pranayama

Pranayama practice plays a key role in yoga practice. In western world the asana practice is the most popular and well known aspect of yoga, but throughout the ages Pranayama (sometimes known as breathing exercises) has often been regarded as the most important part of yoga practice. Just five minutes without breathing will give you a clear idea of how enormous part of your well-being is related to your breathing. Change your breath and rest will change.

We begin the Pranayama classes with asanas as a preparation for the exercise. During the classes you will learn the most important Pranayama practices that will be useful in your daily life. The Pranayama classes energize and balance system with breathing. Naturally flowing breath and prana is perhaps the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself!