What is Shakta Joogakoulu?

We are the first yoga school of the Shakta tradition in North-Europe. Our teachers are Yoga Alliance® certified professionals, who understand the traditional science behind yoga as well as the modern understanding of the human body. The premises of Shakta are located in Kalasatama, Helsinki, but retreats and courses are held all over Finland.
At the moment we don’t offer yoga classes in English, but we give extra guidance to non-Finnish speaking participants of our classes.

What is traditional yoga?

As yoga has become popular throughout the world, the question of the real meaning of yoga, has been left unclear. Most modern yoga systems resemble purely physical exercises, such as aerobics or muscle stretching, being exactly that: simply physical exercises. But what does the word yoga really mean? After years of searching Shakta Joogakoulu has found its answer to this question. We are proud to present a yoga system that bases itself in a holistic science. Based on the world’s oldest philosophy and medicine, Shakta does not see the human being as a pile of bones and muscles. The idea is not to perform mere acrobatic postures, but to have wholesome  practice that produces well-being in all areas of life. Studying the old traditions is not important in itself, but rather we see it essential to find a method that works best.

The yoga of the Shaiva-Shakta tradition approaches the subtle systems of the body through various methods, such as postures (Asana) and breathing (Pranayama). We flow through the asana series gently, and on the surface it looks familiar to anyone familiar with yoga. Our classes don’t require any earlier experience. Because of the healthy and gentle approach, injuries are very rare in our classes. However, many students will find the speed of the development surprisingly fast. Our school is a living example of how understanding your practice helps you to accomplish more than merely by wrenching and tearing the body.

The source of our method is Acarya Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Ananta Natha, an Indian master with 40 years of teaching experience. Our teachers have studied with him personally in Shri Kali Ashram in South-India, where he shares his knowledge of the Vedic science. Bhagavan is a guru who masters several tantric traditions and teaches in his ashram in South-India. In India tantra means the mastery and living of the Vedic science and it is not directly connected to sexuality, as often is the case in the West.